Friday, January 10, 2014

Posting Schedule

Since this is the beginning of the secular year I thought I'd start it with a few informative posts about what we do or plan to do on this blog. I put up the first one -- about using the Easy-to-Read Version as my main Bible this year -- earlier this week. Today's will be a short one mainly about my posting schedule, tomorrow I'll let you know what I'm planning to write about in the foreseeable future, and #4 will be a description (other than the 'About Authentic Light' page) of what I'm trying to accomplish here.

So Authentic Light's schedule:

I intend to post articles on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Sunday's will be the regular "Meditation for a Sunday Morning" with a scripture and comment on its subject by a wise follower of Jesus -- usually an ancient follower, but not always.

Tuesday and Thursday will have little articles on some aspect of simple, radical Christianity, the most exciting topic on earth.

The rest of the days may or may not contain other random posts, depending on my opportunities. Feel free to drop by or subscribe and see what's here. And I'm constantly tweeting at @AuthenticLight, so the little scrolling Twitter app over on the right side always has something new.

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