Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Few ideas

This is the third of four posts that, unlike most articles here, are all about this blog. The others are here and here. Today we'll talk about what we'll be talking about in 2014.

So here's my plan: First, I have one more of these posts to do, that one about what exactly the Authentic Light blog is trying to accomplish.

After that I plan to finish up the series on what the Gospel is that I began all the way back in November. As you probably know, I file most articles in the red 'bins' at the top of the blog, each one of which stands for sections of the Apostles' Creed. This series will be kept in the 'Christ' bin and the 'Christian Movement' bin since it's about Jesus and we're the ones tasked with spreading it.

Once that's done we'll move on other parts of basic Christianity. Its rather shameful that in all this time I haven't written anything substantial about the Holy Spirit, "the forgiveness of sins," and "resurrection and life everlasting," don't you think? I'll start with those first, probably starting with the Spirit just because of who he is.

After there is at least one article in every 'bin' we'll go back to posting on the whole of basic Christianity. I'd particularly like to write a lot more on the Father and really need to finish up my series on the Trinity.

If any of you have something you'd like see covered please drop me a line from the Contact page or leave a comment below. If it's within the bounds of basic Christianity I'd love to talk about it. The final post in this series, which will happen next week, will give a clearer idea of what I mean by "basic Christianity."

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