Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spiritual Formation, Part II

(Lent is about humbling one's self and taking on the nature of Christ. Each Sunday during this time I will let wise Christians speak on these subjects, the first 3 weeks about self-renunciation and the following 3 weeks on spiritual formation. This week we have the thoughts of the great Protestant theologian Karl Barth on Christian love.)

Fifth Sunday of Lent

"What we have here -- in Christian love -- is a movement in which a man turns away from himself. In the continuation love turns wholly to another, to one who is wholly different from the loving subject. Christian love turns to the other purely for the sake of the other. It does not desire it for itself. In Christian love the loving subject gives to the other, the object of love, that which it has, which is its own, which belongs to it. It does so with a radically unlimited liberality."

-- Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, Vol. 4 Part 2, p. 733

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