Thursday, May 27, 2021

I'm Back


Hi!  I'm back after a very long absence. I wish I could tell you it was due to a long period of meditation in the desert, but it was more mundane than that -- illness at the end of 2018 and laziness in getting back on the horse afterwards. But here I am now bursting with ideas. 

Also for the foreseeable future the ERV (Easy to Read Version) will be my Bible because it's such amazingly good translation. Really, really good. I'll still have the NET and other translations nearby in case I need something more precise, but you you'll mostly see the ERV where I quote scripture.

After all this time I don't really expect any of my old readers to remain (Prove me wrong!) so I will probably  have to build up a new reader base. But like I say I have a lot of ideas.

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