Sunday, June 29, 2014

Light From Light

Meditation for a Sunday Morning
(This is a very old song in the Christian Movement, going back at least to the AD 900s. No one knows who wrote it.)

(Light that from the light was born)


O Light that from the light was born,
Redeemer of the world forlorn,
In mercy now your suppliants spare,
Our praise accept, and hear our prayer.


You who wore our flesh below,
To save our souls from endless woe,
Of your blessed body, Lord, would we
Efficient members ever be.


More bright than sun your aspect gleamed,
As snowdrift white your garments seemed,
When on the mount your glory shone,
To faithful witnesses alone.


There did the seers of old confer
With those who your disciples were;
And you on both did shed abroad
The glory of the eternal God.


From heaven the Father’s voice was heard
That you the eternal Son declared;
And faithful hearts now love to own
Your glory, King of heaven, alone.


Grant us, we pray, to walk in light,
Clad in your virtues sparkling bright,
That, upward borne by deeds of love,
Our souls may win the bliss above.


Loud praise to you our homage brings,
Eternal God and King of kings,
Who reigns as one, you one in three,
From age to age eternally.

(Hymns of the Early Church, Rev. John Bownlie. London : 1896)

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