Monday, June 23, 2014

Every Day

You're right, I haven't posted too much in June. And here I've promised to finish a series on life after death (and before the resurrection), one on the Great Announcement (aka the Gospel), and a long delayed explanation of the Trinity. What a sluggard!

So it might seem a little foolhardy for me to to announce that from now on there will be a post -- an article, quote, video, scripture with brief comment or what have you -- every day of the week. But that's what I'm doing.

There are several reasons why I sometimes stop posting. It's usually not because of writer's block; instead it's normally because I've never committed to a writing schedule where I have to put write something everyday, no matter how lame it is. Without that commitment pushing me I tend to get buried in a pile of tiny details as I try to get my post just so. Or overwhelmed by a frequent sense of inadequacy: "What do I really have to contribute anyway?" 

But it's pretty much "Writing 101" that getting up everyday and just writing for a specific period of time is what most writers need to do in order to produce anything. I've always resisted doing that.

But I really do need to post here every day from now on. Authentic Light is something I feel like I have to do, regardless of the depth or shallowness, usefulness or uselessness of what I post. Hopefully you'll find something worthwhile.

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