Monday, December 16, 2013

The BibleGateway and Authentic Light Combine Forces!

A few weeks ago and quite unexpectedly, BibleGateway, the enormously popular site for searching the scriptures, invited my humble blog to be a charter member of a program they were starting called "The Grid." Essentially, if I would put this badge on my blog, use them whenever I needed to quote the Bible, and say something nice about them once in a while, they would, in return, expose Authentic Light (and our Twitter stream, @AuthenticLight)  to their 140 million view per month firehose of traffic, along  with some cool insider stuff.

So I scratched my bewhiskered chin thoughtfully and finally, astutely replied, "Are you kiddin'? Let's do it!"

If you visit some of the other charter member blogs (there's a list of us here) a frequently heard refrain is: "I've been linking to and recommending you all along anyway. Now I'll just be doing it to more people and with a nifty badge."

It is pretty much the same with me. I've used a couple other sites for a specific translation, particularly to use the translation notes for my go-to translation, the New English Translation. But on their site it's rather cumbersome to actually cite a specific verse. So, despite my love for Bible-nerd stuff, for some time now I've used the BibleGateway for the NET too.

As St.Peter might say in a similar situation, "Who else can we go to?"

(Ok, flimsy attempt at humor.)

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