Sunday, November 20, 2011

CEB Blog Tour Begins: Get a Free Bible

Here begineth ye "Thank You-Come Again-I Promise" blog tour, designed not only to prompt 120+ bloggers to churn out mounds of in-depth theological thought but also to promote the new Common English Bible. I discussed this here and reviewed the CEB New Testament here, but there is one other thing I need to cover in this post: How you can get your very own totally free soft cover copy of the Common English Bible.

Every week the CEB publishers will send one Bible to a lucky Authentic Light reader that I name. Here's the procedure for getting yours:

On any article we post this week be the first to comment AND do not be a Blog Tour participant (we're ineligible) AND tell me you want a copy of the CEB. 

Simple as that. Sorry, a comment that says, "First comment!" won't do the trick. It needs to be a real comment.

Then, just send me your mailing address and email to pass along to the publishers. I recommend that you use the form on our Contact page to keep everyone from seeing your address. If you don't need a copy, consider winning one to give to a friend, donate to your church library, or hand to a homeless person (preferably along with some food and a warm jacket).

Also, if you "Like" the CEB's Facebook "Live the Bible" page and click the "Like to Unlock" button over to the left, you can download very nice Bible calligraphy posters for Isaiah 40:31, Romans 8:38 - 39, and Philippians 4:6 - 7.

Here are some other ways to connect with the Common English Bible:

                        Facebook Group Page:           

Finally, for the sake of transparency, what do I get out of this? Am I secretly on the CEB's payroll?  Am I a Bible shill? No, all I get is my own free Bible and, one would hope, a bit more traffic here at Authentic Light. And the opportunity to help spread the word about a Bible version I've been interested in almost from the beginning and which deserves wide use.

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Bridget Willard said...

Also, it's kind of a good way to help motivate myself to blog.

It's nice to find your blog from this tour.