Thursday, February 3, 2011

Authentic Light Audio Bible

Christ and his Apostles were open-air speakers before they ever wrote anything down.  Even their books and letters were meant to be read aloud.  In the same spirit Authentic Light is making available entirely free of charge an audio version of the New Testament using the Twentieth Century New Testament translation. 
Thanks to our collaboration with and the Internet Archive you can stream it online or download it in any one of three formats and take it with you. 

The Twentieth Century New Testament (or TCNT) is an accurate, enjoyable version in well-rendered modern English.  It was translated in Britain by a group of approximately 20 ordinary citizens who happened to have a good knowledge of Greek and a passionate desire to put the Bible in the language of the people.  Several world-class biblical scholars reviewed their work to help ensure accuracy.  The TCNT and this audiobook are both in the public domain.

At your local Bible store an audio version of the New Testament costs around $30 to $40.  Of course they are usually read by professional actors and have background music.  This rendering doesn't have a musical score and you have to listen to me.  But then again, it's free.  Our goal is simply to make the words and deeds of Jesus, the adventures and explications of his Apostles available to as many people as possible in an easy-to-listen-to version. 

Please feel free to listen to the Twentieth Century New Testament here at Authentic Light.

Alternatively you can download copies in .mp3 (64 or 128 kps) or ogg vorbis formats on the TCNT page at

You can also listen and download from the Internet Archive at the TCNT's page there.

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