"I believe in...the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints..."

The Christian Movement (a.k.a. "the Church") is composed of everybody everywhere, past and present, who's heard the Great Announcement of Jesus and his Kingdom and given him their complete allegiance. As a result we are citizens of the Kingdom of God here and now and expected to act like it. Inviting the world in and living as the aliens that we are is how Christ's Kingdom spreads. This is a revolution; the High King of the universe fully intends to take over the world in this way.


Easter: "...If Christ Has Never Been Raised..." - This is all a scam you know, said the Apostle Paul, unless... Christianity's line in the sand.

The Great Announcement - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - (A continuing series) Jesus founded the Christian Movement in large part to deliver a message (commonly called "the Gospel") to the world. What is it and why is it so important?

Was Early Christianity Fundamentalist? - Historic, garden-variety Christianity (which is what this blog is about) is not the same thing as fundamentalism.

The Gospel Truth About Social Justice - How self-sacrificial love conquers the World.

Intersection - Church is not a club.

Alien Culture - We really don't belong here, you know.

The Light We Carry - Eberhard Arnold explains what it is that the Christ's Movement does.

Our Lifestyle

What Does Faith Feel Like? - Is faith just positive thinking? Or believing things with no proof? The first of a series on faith.

Why do we Struggle in our Lives as Christians? - One does not simply glide into life everlasting...

Our Calendar

The Liturgical Year - We've got our own calendar. Here's a book about it.

Resurrection - What one ancient member of the Christian Movement said about the most important day in history.

"Ashes to Ashes..." - What is the meaning of having a cross drawn on your forehead in ashes and oil?  Ash Wednesday explained.

What is All Saints Day All About? - What you see of our movement is not all there is.