"I believe in... the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting."

Once you give your allegiance to Jesus and his Kingdom, as a kind of side benefit, you are transformed immediately, here and now, into a new state of existence called "eternal life." Honest! From there, as you work for Christ your experience parallels his: Into death and out the other side, resurrected body and soul just as he was.


Easter: "...If Christ has Never Been Raised..." - What makes this all true is that Jesus went into death and out the other side, as we will.

Just Like Him - What happened to Jesus when he died is exactly what will happen to us

Series: Life After Death Part 1, Part 1a (A Revelation About Revelation), Part 2 - Based on Jesus' experience the Christian Movement teaches that the dead will come back to life bodily at the resurrection on the Last Day. But what happens to us in the meantime? In this series we'll find out.

Photo by Joe Mabel